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Are you interested in a cooperation with The National Institute of Public Health?

We offer scientific analysis in relation to public health

The Danish Institute of Public Health has a long and strong tradition of producing research based project assignments for external entrants such as patient associations, municipalities, regions, interest groups and private organisations.


We consider projects for external parties as an important part of our work as a national institute of public health. The extent and themes of projects within public health cover a wide field. Take a look at our earlier publications and studies here.


We emphasize the retention of a high professional standard and relevance. That is why, everytime we undertake a specific assignment, we asses the basis of the project from three criterias:


  • Relevance - the topic of the project should be of such character that it is interesting from a public health scientific point of view and must also fit into the research strategy of NIPH
  • Quality - the project is able to be conducted with a highly professional standard
  • Arm's length - NIPH should have methodically freedom, transparancy of all results and the ownership of the data including publication rights


Updated: 15.10.15