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Health in the Øresund Region. Report nr. 2

There are large differences in life expectancies between Sweden and Denmark. Swedish men and women can be expected to live 3 years more than Danish men and women. An important cause for this disparity is differences in the lifestyles between the two populations. More Danes than Swedes who smoke cigarettes. Danes also consume more alcohol than Swedes.

Furthermore, the proportion of many of the health-related problems that are examined in this report are more common the nearer ones comes to the development and urbanization on both sides of the Øresund (Copenhagen and Malmö).

Following Sweden’s entry into the EU and the opening of the Øresund Bridge – and with it, the increased connection between Swedes and Danes – it is now an important question whether the Danish lifestyle, illnesses and mortality will approach the level found in Sweden, or whether Sweden will come to resemble the level found in Denmark.

In order to monitor and study this development, there has been established a collaboration between the National Institute of Public Health in Denmark and the Department of Community Medicine in Malmö. The collaboration has as its aim, joint research projects to monitor and analyse developments in mortality, illness, and lifestyle and in psychosocial risk factors between populations groups in the Øresund Region.

This report is the second publication of that Swedish-Danish collaboration which has been supported by the European Union INTERREG II Fund.

Forfatter: National Institute of Public Health
Udgiver: Statens Institut for Folkesundhed, Samhällsmedicinska Institutionen, Lund Universitet, Socialmedicinska enheten, Universitetssjükhuset MAS
År: 2001
Bestillingsnr.: 200113
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Redigeret: 11.10.06